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What's up DA?

Fri Aug 21, 2015, 3:58 AM

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Now that everyone has cooled down, including me, i can express my desapointment with DA staff. All these sudden changes were a chock to everyone, and although DA has returned to its normal routine, i guess deep down everyone is still expecting some kind of explanation to these changes. I dont think that DA is an art community for a while, i've been here for 10 years, i had another gallery in my 1st year, and i never felt so disrespected like i did when all happened. The thing is, the money issue, i get the raise part, i dont get why that much. I believe i can't afford to renew my subs in october, i need to save money or points for it, cause is way to expensive for me and i tottaly hate the orange stuff, it doesn't match the site design at all, and the name "core", c'mon ppl, this is not a video game.
This is my opinion, i think we are paying way to much for almost nothing, if they raise the price, at least should put more stuff in the package, cause the package now doesn't worth $50, we are paying for crap, pretty much. Of course i like my pretty journals and all that, but this doesn't worth all that money, for this price i want a lot more. Yes, i know DA free version is a lot better that another websites, but at this point i think there should be a balance.
And the timing, omg, i laughed so hard, they made the changes in top of the DA birthday, so ppl would forget faster the shit they did.
Its sad to say that i've been right in these last years, DA staff doesn't care about the members. I read somewhere, "oh they did the website, they can do whatever", well without us there would no website, so, there should be some kind of respect between staff and members. Its not a big deal, they make a journal for every single crap that no one actually read or care, so why not make a journal, to explain whatever is happening in the community, so people can uderstand their decision (or not), and move on.  
Over the years we've been losing very important artists, and i think that says it all. DA is now a blog, DA supports art thiefs and vere seen so many porn and nude snapshots from genitals and stuff like i'm seeing lately, when a few years ago, those pics were always deleted almost immediatly, and the printing service, well... lets just say i won't make my portfolio by printing my photos here.
Lots of people are taking their businness to somewhere else, and i think this is a wake up call, they should rethink how they are running this. They should be more humble, and more helpfull and make this a better place. A lot of ppl called this site home once, now its lost, its just a website like so many others. Its sad how everthing turned out, and we can forget an explanation, cause that is never going to happen, cause they are just cowards that are afraid to face people and tell the truth.Today, they run this website for the money, not for the art.

Dear deviantART...I am refusing to use the rebranded name because, I'm annoyed about the rebrand. I'm annoyed about your direction, your lack of focus in key areas and your lack of communication. I said I'd never be a bitter former staff member, but it seems that I am.
Last year you spent a lot of money on a rebrand, this year you've cut 50% of your work force, entire departments have been decimated and peoples lives have been thrown upside down without notice. But you never really communicated to anyone why. You still don't, you're not telling the community what's happening and that's only going to hurt you. People will see that helpdesk tickets take longer to get a response, people see that lots of people are no longer staff and you're not letting them know why. You know that people have a belief that the site is dying, you're only furthering it right now. How much of a better state would the site be in if the rebrand hadn't happened? Would I and the rest of the people that lost our jobs without notic
Some perspective on 'core membership'I know this is probably gonna be a long journal, but if you manage to read all the way through the end you might perhaps even get to learn a few things. 
Furthermore I want to state that my opinion on the matter is pretty much neutral. I'm not with DeviantArt on the matter, nor am I against them. I just want to make people see things from the perspective of a 27 year old woman that has been in the web industry for the last decade.
The internet is not free
First of all, and most important thing to realize, is that the internet is not free. Everyone who lived through the early ages of web 1.0. (old people like me) knows that it costs money to run a website. Back in the day user content wasn't a thing. Whenever you wanted to put something on the internet, you needed to get a domain name and rent a piece of web hosting and that would cost you a monthly fee. Gradually

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Carla Sophia
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"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mistery. Today? Today is a gift, that's why we call it the Present!"

Photographer since 2005, everything started as a fun day with some friends, i was playing with my best friend’s camera and start loving it. Since then, i learn as much as i can and be better every day and show the world as i see it.

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